Vendor Resources

Gear Energy Ltd. is committed to ensuring timely processing and payment of supplier invoices. To facilitate this Gear has been transitioning suppliers to electronic invoicing since 2012 through the use of Cortex e-invoicing. Electronic submission of invoices provides many benefits to our suppliers including:

  • Instantaneous transmission to Gear;
  • Transparency on approval and payment status;
  • Fewer rejected invoices;
  • Faster payments; and
  • Improved cash management.

For more information on submitting invoices through the Cortex e-invoicing portal, please see or contact Gear’s accounts payable department at

Gear encourages all suppliers to receive payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). EFT payments are not subject to handling, mailing and clearing delays associated with cheques. In addition, payments are automatically and securely deposited into your designated bank account and are sheltered from opportunities for misrouting or theft. An automated email remittance advice will be sent to you in regard to any payment deposited into your bank account by Gear Energy Ltd.. EFT payment runs are run weekly, whereas cheque runs are only processed once per month and, as such, suppliers paid through EFT will be paid more timely. To sign up for EFT, please download and complete the EFT Form on this site and then submit it to